Give your 2011 resolutions a chance!


Let’s give New Year’s resolutions a chance to survive this year. Here are 5 easy tips to make sure that your goals “happen” this year.

·         Get an accountability partner and send each other daily or weekly updates about your progress on your goal.  Your accountability partner can be your best friend, a trusted colleague, a family member or a coach. It is not necessary that you and your partner work towards the same goals – although this might provide some friendly competition for added motivation.

·         Failing at your New Year’s resolution after only a few days? Now is the time to recommit yourself to your goal. The first 10 days are crucially important in new habit creation. You might face a lot of resistance in the first month. Don’t despair! It is a natural part of adjusting to your new way of action. Make a new commitment to stick with your 2011 resolutions for 30 days as an experiment. The beginning of February is the moment of truth then. Did your resolution add to the quality of your life? Did it help you super track your success? What can you learn from your experience?

·         Do you feel no resistance at all? Either you are super committed (congratulations to you!) Or maybe your goals are not challenging enough for you. Are your 2011 resolutions outrageous enough to propel you into action?

·         Don’t give up too early! Many times we turn back just before arriving at our destination. Have a bit of patience, please. Everything needs its time. Your mind, body and soul have to adjust and it might take more time than you hoped for. If your goals involve others, give them ample time to adjust, too.

·         Use your past experiences as guidance. Have you been successful in a similar situation before? How would you coach yourself on the basis of that experience? If you ventured into unchartered territory with your New Year’s resolution, use somebody else’s experience. Ask for some” tried and true” tips from your mentors, family or friends. There are great online communities virtually for every topic under the sun. What if you visited some of them?

Wishing you outrageous success in reaching your goals this year!

Anything you want. Just take action.Today.

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