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  1. Hi Judit,
    Would you believe that I got here from your comment on the scientist's humorous video?
    Looks as if your blog is in the same stage that mine is.  And – we are both coaches.
    How synchronistic is that?
    Best to you,
    PS: Great website!

  2. Robert Cura says:

    Dearest Judit,
    Thanks for the coaching session you shared with me. It was a blast and very insightful. I continue to use one of the ideas you thought would benefit me, and it has; I thought the idea was brilliant and I use it at least once/week. I'd say this much- if I come into more money, I'd like to try it again, but next time as a coaching package (b/c it was worth it, and  I know that coaching can be a process).(but well worth it.)

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