How to use Feng Shui for prosperity and success


Have you ever tried Feng Shui? I had some amazing results using this ancient art and science that teaches us how to use Chi energy or Life Force to attract prosperity, love and health.

Here is my story: Some years ago I just joined a new company and my relationship was very difficult with my new boss from Day 1. No matter what I did or didn’t do there was always an issue. And I didn’t understand the reason why.  I was very disappointed and secretly thinking about changing jobs again. At the same time, my relationship broke up which didn’t make me happier, either. That was the time when I first read about Feng Shui. But I didn’t take its power seriously until my mentor suggested that I give it a try.

Reluctantly but with an open mind I decided to visit the best Feng Shui shop in town. As I entered the shop a whole new world opened up for me. Such peace and energy!  I was lucky to meet the owner, a high-profile Feng Shui expert and author and we began chatting about the issues I wanted remedy with this ancient Chinese art. I took her 2-day workshop to learn the basics and applied the Feng Shui principles in my apartment – all in one week’s time. Little changes began happening pretty soon. I found out why my boss resented me (he wanted to hire somebody else, but his boss preferred me). And very soon he was replaced by a new manager who finally appreciated my contribution to the company (this resulted in nice bonus payments – an added and very welcome benefit!) My broken heart was healing, too. I was happy to sing that famous song: “It’s raining men”.  Life was good!

My interest in Feng Shui never faded so I was excited to read “One Minute Feng Shui For Prosperity” from Grace Ho. She created a comprehensive guide on how to use Feng Shui to welcome great relationships, prosperity and health into your life.

Here are the chapter highlights from the book:

  • What is Feng Shui (風水, Fu-Sui)?
  • Feng Shui Wisdom For Relationships
  • How to Deal With Difficult People
  • How Can Feng Shui Help Wellness?
  • Feng Shui For a Good Night’s Sleep
  • Take Advantage of Chi Energy For Prosperity
  • Feng Shui For a Clear Mind
  • and many interesting lessons in how using Feng Shui has the potential to change your life for the better!

This book covers all the topics I learned about in that 2-day workshop I took years ago.  

“One Minute Feng Shui For Prosperity” is easy to read and keeps the promise in the title: in one minute you can get valuable tips concerning the areas you would like to transform in life.

My major A-ha moment from reading this book was the realization that Feng Shui is actually much more than just using clever decoration, changing the position of your desk or rearranging your bedroom. It is really about shifting your mind and energy to re-program your life for serious abundance everywhere. My favorite chapter is about how to use Feng Shui to achieve success through your mind.

The only thing I missed is having more illustrations on how to put the tips into practice.

I recommend that you not only read this book but put the principles into practice in your life. If you decide to buy Grace Ho’s book , do it today and get  tons of complimentary gifts as an extra bonus! Check out the book page here:  http://1minutefengshui4prosperity.com/

What is your experience with transforming your life using Feng Shui? Feel free to share your story here!

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  1. Amy says:

    How timely your suggestions about trying something new.  In just three weeks my husband and I are leaving our home in rural Ohio to spend 2 years teaching ESL in S. Korea.  New language, new foods, new friends, new customs, new place to live….  Scary and exciting.  What an adventure we're facing at the age of 60.  It's never too late to try something totally new.

  2. CreativitySage says:

    Yes, you are right Amy, it is NEVER too late to try something different! Amazing adventure for you and your husband. I wish you a fantastic time there!

  3. I don't believe in Feng Shui though my mother is half-chinese. I just don't believe in lucks or bad lucks. We are the one who is responsible for everything that happen around us. Well, you seem to be enjoying that though.

  4. "easy to read" sounds GOOD! I've gotten lost in Feng Shui books in the past – this looks like a good one to try!

  5. Sally A says:

    An 80 foot tall maple with 4 foot wide trunk was located about 60 feet from my front door, but the thing was huge and essentially blocked the chi from entering, I believe. Unfortunately, it was on ‘Town’ property and was their tree. The thing kept throwing damaging limbs, so I recently notified them and the Town determined it was rotting and has just taken it down.
    I’ve been practicing Feng Shui for 15 years and knew that the tree was probably a problem. I was unprepared for the influx of positive chi energy that almost immediately entered my Front Door and my life when the tree was removed.
    It’s as though I’ve turned a page. Would strongly recommend anyone with a tree blocking front door to do everything they can to have it removed. What a difference!

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