An unconventional resume in 22 points -who is Judit?

  1. A Hungarian living in Germany with her 2 kids and German husband 
  2. The very first person in her extended family to get a degree and one of the select and first group of professionals who got MBAs after the political changes in Hungary
  3. Lived in 3 countries outside her own: US, Poland and Germany
  4. As a student studied Arabic as her Thesis was about the agricultural development in Egypt and Saudi-Arabia (she wanted to have it as unique as can get)
  5. As a result of her Arabic studies, lovely blond hair and a good socialist family pedigree got an offer to work as undercover agent for the secret service – but said no on the first meeting, when faced with the necessity to have boyfriends checked up by secret service and that even before the first kiss
  6. Studied and forgot: Russian, Arabic and Polish
  7. Still struggles with der-die-das to the sheer desperation of her husband
  8. Worked in a bank after  university, but after hearing voices one night, decided to look for a more creative option, and got accepted to be a journalist for the Hungarian News Agency even without knowing the right persons to pull the necessary strings
  9. Worked as journalist and editor for THE Hungarian business daily, but after 2 years decided to grab a new opportunity opening up: the first MBA program in Eastern Europe. Because she wanted to change something, not just write about others trying.
  10. Had the time of her life during the 2 years MBA, was the presentation wonder of the class, and enjoyed it tremendously
  11. Drove all her male competitors to the brink of nervous breakdown and graduated as 3nd in her class (as a woman!)
  12. Got a full paid scholarship to KATZ Graduate School of Business Pittsburgh, PA and 2 job opportunities to cover her living costs. Interned with Ketchum Communication, Pittsburgh
  13. Upon returning to Hungary had the joy of 2 world-class employers fighting for her services. She chose Coca Cola, because they were fighting more.
  14. After being the Human Resources Director for Coca Cola Hungary for 2 years, left for Marketing, and worked in Brand management for Beiersdorf (NIVEA), Heinz, and United Biscuits.
  15. She worked part-time for a George Soros Foundation and trained hundreds of Hungarian start-up entrepreneurs in Sales and Marketing. Especially her interactive presentation skills trainings were a raging success.
  16. In 2000 her life changed as a result of The Artists Way. Immediately after finishing this course, got the offer of her life with Metro AG. Germany and earning so much money in her international career that her good old competitors were again speechless.
  17. Met her husband on a boat on a Polish lake in the middle of nowhere and immediately knew that he was the one.
  18. Left career, family, friends, country and all consideration behind to marry the guy from the boat and live the family life.    
  19. Unfortunately living only the family life got her in the deepest pit of despair, so deep that for 5 years she was not sure if she would ever see the light again.
  20. From August 2008 the stars were shifting for Judit which resulted in some more studies. Graduated from two programs in 2009. Got her Certified Professional Coach diploma from the International Coach Academy. And graduated from Jack Canfield’s life-changing year-long Success Principles Coaching program. 
  21. As CreativitySage she helps entrepreneurs, executives and other extraordinary people to profit from their winning ideas.
  22. Her rainbow of colors:
  • On the Winslow profile scored 10 in Creativity and was extremely proud of it.
  • On Alertness she got only 9, and was very disappointed.
  • She is a double Aquarius, a very rare combination.
  • Her signature style: always wearing a little something from Swarowsky.
  • She entertained her friends with belly dancing on her numerous parties
  • She reads and collects Tarot cards, her mentor is the most well-known Hungarian Master Dr. Kazanlar (The Kazanlar Tarot Deck is one of the most popular in the world)
  • Loves books, reads too much. 
  • Her first 50-page story got her in a writing camp at the age of nine.
  • Writes her first e-book now.
  • A certified yoga teacher.
  • Even in yoga camp she organized and moderated a hugely successful party.
  • Fellow participants loved it but it was a bit too much for the swamis.
  • An old Atlantis soul who knew what would happen but didn’t believe it, and did nothing.
  • Had to pay for this mistake long and dearly.
  • This time she wants to have her voice heard.