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What if you were able to get a burst of insight into what awaits you and your market? To see the trends that will shape the future of your business and your creative endeavors? What if you could use flash foresight to shape your future even in uncertain times?

“Flash Foresight: How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible” from Daniel Burrus shows you how you can solve “impossible” problems, unearth “invisible” opportunities, create must-have products and high-demand services, and run an extraordinarily successful business both now and into the future.

What is flash foresight? It is a sudden burst of insight about the future that produces a new and radically different way of doing something that will open up invisible opportunities and solve seemingly impossible problems before they happen.

The author shares seven radical principles that are proven to trigger flash foresight.

  • Start with certainty (use hard trends to see what’s coming)
  • Anticipate (base your strategies on what you know about the future)
  • Transform (use technology-driven change to your advantage)
  • Take your biggest problem and skip it (it’s not the real problem anyway)
  • Go opposite (look where no one else is looking to see what no one else is seeing and do what no one else is doing)
  • Redefine and reinvent (identify and leverage your uniqueness in new and powerful ways)
  • Direct your future (or someone else will direct it for you)

My favorite principle from the book is taking the biggest problem and skipping it. Many times we work so hard to solve issues that are just surface scratches. Do you always take the time to peel away the layers to get to the heart of the problem?  I know I don’t. To face this truth was my biggest a-aha moment while reading Flash Foresight.  

At the end of each chapter, you will find an action steps section. An excellent reminder of the fact that reading the book is great but the real benefit comes from actually using those principles in your thinking.  I decided to go back and re-read the chapters, this time actually answering those questions.

For me the most important unique benefit of this book is that it doesn’t stop at providing you with lots of well-researched information around the 7 flash foresight triggers. It will also coach you through finding your own insights around your special challenges.

This book will make you THINK! It is packed with insights on every page. It actually took me twice as long to read this book as I planned. Why?  Because I had to stop after every few pages to rethink my own assumptions and views about future trends and my business. I had to reconsider my plans in the light of the principles and examples the book provides.  

Using these radical principles will not only transform your business. It has the power to inspire you to look for extraordinary solutions for your personal life, too. As I read the different chapters on the 7 triggers my mind was buzzing with possibilities and not just for my business. I am amazed at the ideas I got on how to solve my every day conflict with my kids about cleaning up the living room.

I highly recommend reading “Flash Foresight: How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible” from Daniel Burrus. I haven’t read a book for a very long time that actually managed to radically transform my outlook on the future and on my ability to influence it. I absolutely love it!

I guess I am not the only one being in awe of this book as it is already #1 on and Barnes & Noble. With each book purchased, you will have access to a premium package of bonus gift offerings from top business, sales and marketing gurus (valued at over $20,000). Get your copy at !

With or without the gifts, this is one awesome book you have to read!

P.S. Are you still wasting money on fortune tellers? Get this book instead.

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